REVIEW: Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick

Hello, lovelies!

I am consistently searching for new brands of liquid lipstick to test. I received samples of Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick and I was intrigued to find out how the brand’s first liquid lipstick formula stacked up to other formulas I adore. Dior’s liquid lipstick comes in a range of beautiful colours. The shades I received in the sampler drew me in.

The Packaging 

The full-sized lipsticks come in sleek, elegant packages. The lipstick container is matte black with a transparent panel that reveals the colour within. I enjoy the square, blunt shape of the lipstick container because it is sturdy. This lipstick features a doe-foot applicator to precisely line the lips.

The Formula 

Dior’s liquid lipstick comes in three different finishes: Matte, metallic, and satin. I’ve tried both the matte and satin finishes. Both lipstick formulas are smooth, non-drying, and transfer-resistant. The formula is highly-pigmented. Once applied to the lips, the colour dries down completely and is lightweight.

The Colours 

I’ve tried samples of four shades in the collection:

  • 999 – Matte red
  • Hectic – Matte deep purple
  • Fury – Matte rosewood
  • Fab – Satin oxblood-red

Each colour I’ve tested is pigmented and opaque. The matte shades lasted longer on my lips than the satin shade. There are 25 other shades in the collection:

  • Reckless – Matte orangey-beige
  • Crush – Matte hot pink
  • Impulsive – Matte coral pink
  • Shock – Matte magenta
  • Hypnotic – Matte dark pink
  • Chic – Matte beige
  • Savage – Matte raspberry-pink
  • Lively – Matte dusty pink
  • Jungle – Matte light brown
  • Mysterious – Matte brownish-pink
  • Dressed To – Matte reddish-brown
  • Black – Matte black
  • Delicate – Satin light brown
  • Frenetic – Satin raspberry pink
  • Impetious – Satin pink
  • Versatile – Satin strawberry-red
  • Miss – Satin pink-coral
  • Fab – Satin reddish-black with shimmer
  • Rock ‘n’ Metal – Metallic rusty red
  • Spicy – Metallic hot pink
  • Scandalous – Metallic brown
  • Poison Metal – Metallic red-plum
  • Hologram – Metallic silver
  • Vibrant – Metallic rose-gold

The Wear 

Both the satin and matte shades wear comfortably on the lips. Once I apply the shade to my lips, they wear for 4-5 hours without fading. One aspect I adore about these lipsticks is that I only require one swipe of the lipstick to achieve full-coverage. The colour doesn’t bleed on my lips, but it does transfer while eating or drinking.

These lipsticks are perfect if you are looking for a comfortable, long-wearing lipstick. The metallic finishes are beautiful and richly pigmented. Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick retails for $43 on Sephora’s website.


3 Natural Ways to Remove Makeup At the End of the Day

Hello, lovelies!

If you want to wake up with clear skin, removing makeup the night before is essential. I use a variety of methods and products to remove my makeup. When I do not have a makeup remover on hand I substitute natural methods for my beloved remover. Here are 3 methods I rotate between:

1. Use coconut oil 

Coconut oil has a range of benefits for your hair, skin, and nails. Combining coconut oil with a soft facial cloth is a quick way to remove stubborn makeup. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your fingertips and gently rub your face to melt makeup.

2. Combine honey and baking soda 

This simple combination acts as both a makeup remover and a cleanser. Start by adding a small amount of baking soda to raw honey. Add a few drops of essential oil and whip the mixture until it forms a paste. Apply with a facecloth, and you have a gentle, effective makeup remover!

3. Use chapstick

This method may surprise you. Chapstick is an effective eye makeup remover. Swipe a small amount of chapstick onto your eyelid or underneath and gently rub it in with a cotton ball to remove makeup residue.

What is your favourite way to remove makeup?

3 Products I Use Weekly to Remove Makeup

Hello, lovelies!

Removing my makeup is an essential step in my daily skincare routine. I rotate between specific products that dissolve makeup while gently cleansing my skin. Here are three products I use weekly!

Clinique Cleansing Oil

Clinique’s Cleansing Oil is a staple in my skincare routine. The oil immediately dissolves my makeup while leaving my skin soft and clean. I like to use this product as my daily makeup remover because it is gentle on my skin. My eye makeup and lipstick do not rinse easily, but this oil breaks down the product effectively!

Sephora Collection Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve used this eye makeup remover for the past five years and it never fails to disappoint. I like to supplement my cleansing oil with this eye makeup remover to dissolve my mascara, eye liner, and eyeshadow. This eye makeup remover has a unique formula – it removes eye makeup without water but it also contains a lash-strengthening complex that is gentle on the eye area.

Makeup Eraser Makeup Removing Cloth

I recently discovered this makeup removing cloth from the brand Makeup Eraser and it is a unique, innovative product. This makeup remover is actually a soft, reusable cloth  that removes makeup with a splash of water! I love that the product is reusable and it is ideal to travel with.

REVIEW: Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, lovelies!

When Natasha Denona released photos of the new Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette, I knew it would be a beautiful eyeshadow palette. The palette’s combination of sunny yellows, mulberry, and sparkling lavender shades is unlike any colour combination I’ve encountered. This is the first Natasha Denona product I’ve bought – because of the brand’s high price point – and this gorgeous eyeshadow palette did not disappoint!

The Packaging 

I adore the packaging of this palette! The outside of the palette is a gorgeous orange-red colour that is hard plastic and shiny. It bears the Natasha Denona logo and the name of the palette. Inside the palette, there is a large mirror and the eyeshadow pans. Each eyeshadow is nested into a matte black background that makes the shades pop!

The Eyeshadows 

The eyeshadow quality is incredible. Each eyeshadow is soft and creamy, but there is no fallout present from any of the shades. The matte shades are pigmented, buildable and blend very easily. Each shimmer shade is pigmented, bright and shiny. Both types of shadows can be applied with a brush, but I prefer applying the shimmer shades with a fingertip to intensify the pigment.

The Wear 

Each shade is pigmented, smooth, and long-wearing. There is no fallout from any of the shades in this palette. Each matte eyeshadow blends easily, and the shimmers apply bright and pigmented with a brush or fingertip. When I complete an eye look with this palette, the shades remain vibrant and pigmented for up to 12 hours!

The Shades 

Sunrise contains 15 shades in a range of matte, duo-chrome, and metallic finishes. Each shade is as follows:

  • Poppy – Metallic crimson bronze
  • Citrine – Matte yellow
  • Phlox – Metallic burnt crimson
  • Awakening – Lavender duo-chrome
  • Laurel – Metallic peachy champagne
  • Aster – Duo-chrome mauve violet
  • Glory – Matte hot pink
  • Azalea – Pink copper duo-chrome
  • Morgan – Matte pastel peach
  • Agate – Metallic champagne with an apricot undertone
  • Clove – Matte maroon
  • Carnelian – Matte bright orange
  • Jasper – Matte bright terracotta
  • Morning – Matte light apricot
  • Day Spring – Bronze metallic with a nude undertone

Natasha Denona’s Sunrise Palette offers a dazzling array of bright, sunny eyeshadow shades. The palette is versatile to create both day and night looks with an impressive combination of matte and metallic eyeshadows. This palette retails for $86 at Sephora.

3 Tips to Help You Maintain Healthy Hair

Hello, lovelies!

Maintaining healthy, shiny hair can seem like the ultimate challenge. I often find myself wondering: How well am I cleansing? Are my heated styling tools too harsh? Here are tips I use weekly to keep my tresses healthy and strong.

Don’t over-wash your hair 

Unless your hair is very oily, it is best to wash it every other day. Washing hair daily causes dryness and breakage. Over-washing hair strips strands of their natural oils. If you want hair to feel squeaky-clean every day, try using a dry shampoo in-between each wash.

Take care when brushing 

Using a wide-tooth comb when brushing wet hair will prevent breakage. Your hairbrush should contain softer bristles to keep strands soft and even. It is a good idea to brush through hair every morning and night to remove dirt, dust, and dryness.

Condition, condition, condition 

Condition hair regularly to maintain softness. I condition daily. A moisturizing conditioner strengthens hair and prevents dryness. If your hair feels limp or oily from conditioning, reduce your conditioning regime and only apply conditioner to the ends of hair.

September 2019 Makeup and Skincare Empties

Hello, lovelies!

I wrote a makeup and skincare empties post on my blog earlier this summer. I decided to make it a regular series as I discover myself reaching pan on some of my beloved makeup products. For the month of September, I’m sharing three products that are now empties in my collection. If you’d like to see more posts like this on my blog, please let me know in the comments!


Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayon

I received a set of Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayons for Christmas last year. I loved the colour selection and creaminess of the lip crayons. This lip crayon has a unique formula –  it is a crayon that is designed to have the look, feel, and wearability of a liquid lipstick. The lip crayon dries down to a soft, hydrating finish that is semi-long wearing when it is applied over a lip liner. However, the formula did not last long enough for me to count it as one of my ‘must-have’ liquid lipsicks.

Repurchase? No


Garnier Sheet Masks 

I began introducing sheet masks into my skincare routine over the summer. The sheet mask collection from Garnier’s Skin Active line is a staple in my routine. Each sheet mask is quick and easy to use – in as little as 15 minutes, my skin becomes hydrated, soft, and smooth. Key ingredients in this mask include hyaluronic acid and half a bottle of serum to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. I have repurchased Garnier’s Sheet Masks since July and it will be a saviour for me as the winter season approaches.

Repurchase? Yes

Caudalie Vinosource Serum 

Caudalie’s Vinosource Serum is a staple in my skincare routine. I have dry, acne-prone skin and tend to gravitate toward products that have no fragrance, colour, or harsh ingredients. While searching for a serum to incorporate into my skincare routine – hello, dry skin! – a Sephora employee recommended Caudalie’s Vinosource Serum. I am halfway through my third bottle of the product and have not turned back! This lighweight serum hydrates my skin without the use of any colours, fragrances or harsh ingredients. I use it daily and my skin has become more hydrated, soft, and supple.

Repurchase? Yes 

REVIEW: Huda Beauty Lip Strobe

Hello, lovelies!

I adore Huda Beauty products. I regularly wear liquid lipsticks from the brand, but recently tried the Lip Strobe products. I’m not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but I do occasionally apply it on top of lipstick for a shiny, iridescent lip look. At first swipe, this metallic lip gloss stole my heart.

The Packaging

The packaging of each Lip Strobe is stunningly beautiful. The glosses feature a glossy black cap with a clear tube that displays the colour of each gloss. I adore the doe foot applicator of this gloss – it is slightly curved and tapered to allow for precise application.

The Wear

My favourite aspect of this gloss is that it is hydrating when applied. It does not feel sticky, clumped or drying once I apply it to my lips. It lasts for 1-2 hours on my lips without eating or drinking, but it will fade quicker than a liquid lipstick.

How to apply it

Swipe the gloss onto the lips 1-2 times until the desired level of coverage is achieved. The gloss can be worn alone, on top of lip liner or lipstick. My favourite ways to apply Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe is to wear it on top of lip liner for a shiny, voluminous look or on top of lipstick for a strobed effect.

The Shades

This collection of glosses features 12 shades:

  • Posh – A semi-sheer white gold
  • Enchanting – A semi-sheer prismatic white with pink reflect
  • Ritzy – A semi-sheer champagne with gold and pink shimmers
  • Snobby – A semi-sheer light pink with gold and pink pearls
  • Angelic – A light peach rose with gold reflect
  • Boujee – A full-coverage coral base with thin gold shimmers
  • Shameless – A chameleon sheer base with gold and pink pearls
  • Saucey – A full-coverage muted red ochre with gold and pink pearls
  • Foxy – A full-coverage copper
  • Mystical – A semi-sheer lilac with blue pearls
  • Fearless – A full-coverage purple with copper-gold reflect
  • Moody – A full-coverage violet with chromatic shimmer

Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe is a beautiful lip gloss that offers a versatile range of finishes from sheer to full-coverage. I love that each shade can easily coordinate with any eyeshadow look depending on the level of coverage you seek! Each Lip Strobe retails for $24 at Sephora.