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REVIEW: Sephora Collection The Cleanse Brush Cleaner

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Cleaning my makeup brushes occurs on a weekly basis. I normally cleaned the bristles with a combination of soap and water. I bought Sephora Collection: The Cleanse brush cleaner during the V.I.B. Sale last fall. I sometimes do not clean my brushes as thoroughly as I should. This product lets me complete that task (or as some would say, chore) without difficulty! The cleansing spray effortlessly cleans makeup residue from all types of brushes.

What is it?

This product is a quick-dry spray that is alcohol-free and requires no water. To clean each brush, just spray the cleaner into a cloth or paper towel, and run it along the brush head until clean.

The Packaging

Sephora’s brush cleaner comes in a hairspray-style bottle. The product offers 200 ml of liquid. The packaging is black with a flower design – sleek and simplistic.

How does it work?

The spray requires little effort to use – this is my favourite aspect! Spray the cleaner on a paper towel or cloth, then sweep the bristles of your brush along the towel/cloth. For brushes with synthetic fibers, a circular motion is reccommended.

“The Cleanse” is one of the products offered by Sephora Collection’s line of brush cleaners. This product created ease and simplicity into my brush-cleaning routine.

Sephora Collection “The Cleanse” Daily Brush Cleaner retails for $15 from Sephora’s website. A sampler size retails for $8.50.