Why We Still Need Feminism in Today’s Society

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As I continue my social work education, feminism remains a central perspective. The word feminism may seem difficult to conceptualize. Feminism is this: advocacy for women’s rights. Women’s rights have come a long way, but gender inequality still exists. The quest for women’s rights continues. Concepts like body-shaming and pay inequality still exist. Today, I’ll share my perspective on why we still need to keep the feminist conversation alive in 2017.

 Because our bodies are not objects

In our society, we teach women to prevent assault. Why don’t we teach not to assault women? Our bodies are still legislated and engendered.

Because a wage gap still exists 

The idea that women and men don’t need equal pay is ingrained in our society. The wage gap between women and men remains.The pay gap stands at about 21%. Until this wage gap closes, we will need feminism. Until pay between men and women is equal for the same job, and amount of work done, we need feminism.

Because our society places blame upon the woman
This has become a product of our culture. We blame women for the the circumstances they find themselves in; whether it be cat-calling, or abuse. This is an ingrained aggression in our society. More discussions about the inherent objectification in these behaviours must occur.

What is your opinion on the relevance of feminism?





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Body Positivity

Beauty is multi-faceted. Beauty is both your outer appearance and internal feelings/emotions towards yourself. Today’s post focuses on loving the skin you’re in.

I wanted to write a post about body-positivity. Being comfortable in your own skin is important. Acknowledging inner beauty is as significant as recognizing outer beauty. Sometimes this can be easier said than done. Becoming comfortable in my own skin was something I struggled with for a little while. My body is not perfect. In truth, nobody has a “perfect” body.

Becoming comfortable in your own skin will not happen overnight – it did not for me!  Courage, and confidence are integral aspects of overcoming fear and doubts about yourself. This is especially true when it comes to your body.

I now realize that these scars make me who I am. My surgical scars are permanent reminders of my strength. Scars tell stories, stories of hope, courage, and strength. 

When you are happy with your body, you glow. I came across a story in Huffington Post, published last year, that sparked the idea for this post. The campaign is called “Every Body Has a Story”. It encourages women to overcome insecurities, and love their bodies. This message inspired the idea that our bodies tell our stories. Our imperfections make us who we are.

Body positivity is about accepting your flaws, and reclaiming your body. Loving the skin you are in can inspire you, motivate you, and instill confidence. After all, beauty is multi-dimensional.