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REVIEW: Tarte Pro Glow Highlight & Blush Palette

Hello, lovelies!

I adore Tarte blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. When the brand released their Pro Glow Highlight and Blush Set, I was eager to try out new shades of the beloved blushes and highlights. This product is travel-friendly, and a great addition to your makeup kit if you enjoy trying different blush, highlight and bronzer shades! I instantly loved that this travel-friendly kit gave me multiple options for shine and colour.

The Packaging 

The outer packaging is gorgeous. The matte black cover features a colourful paint-like design and bears the Taste logo. I love that the palette has a magnetic closure, making it ideal for travelling. The palette is lightweight. Inside, the palette contains 6 pans of product that includes four blushes, a highlight, and a bronzer.

The Product 

This palette features six highly pigmented, creamy products. The highlight shade, Hi-Fi, is a light-medium golden that is creamy and bright. It has a metallic finish with a thicker consistency that doesn’t emphasize texture on the skin. The bronzer shade, Solo, is a light-medium brown. It is semi-opaque but buildable. One aspect of the bronzer that I disliked was that it did not blend easily, and clung to imperfections in my skin. Below, I’ve included a description of each blush shade:

  • Electric is a gorgeous medium-dark pink with flecks of gold. It has light-to-medium coverage that is buildable. The golden flecks make it feel drier on the skin, but it is pigmented and long-lasting.
  • The second blush, Tempo, is a coral-pink. It feels creamy on the skin and is highly pigmented. The consistency feels similar to a cream blush.
  • Beat is a peachy coral with a luminous sheen.
  • Amp is a vivid, medium pink with a metallic sheen. This blush had a luminous glow when applied to the skin, and didn’t emphasize any texture in the skin. It is creamy yet lightweight.

The Wear 

Each shade in the palette is long-lasting and pigmented. I’ve tested each blush, bronzer, and highlight shade during a full-day wear test. I love that none of the shades in the palette creased, faded, or smudged throughout the day! A little product goes a long way, and the smallest amount of product gives a luminous colour payoff!

Whether you’re new to Tarte products, or looking for a multi-tasking kit for your blush, bronzer and highlight needs, I’d recommend the Pro Glow Highlight and Blush Set. It retails for $59 at Sephora.


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REVIEW: Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots

Hello, lovelies!

With the holiday season approaching, I like to introduce extra glitter into my makeup routine. I bought a few shades of Tarte’s Chrome Paint Shadow Pots recently, and they have transformed my eyeshadow looks!

The Packaging

The packaging of these eyeshadows feels luxurious. The shadow is packed into a round transparent pot. I love that this displays the vibrant colour of the shadow inside. The cover of the pot is a gorgeous metallic-gold. Each shadow fits into the palm of the hand and is ideal for travel!

The Formula

Each shadow is composed of pearl pigments that give it a shiny, colourful finish. The shadow feels creamy to the touch and blend easily. After applying the shadow to the lid, it has a beautiful foiled appearance.

The Wear

I did notice a small amount of fallout when wearing these pigments, owing to the looseness of them. Once I applied them with a wet brush, they stayed vibrant and colourful for hours.

How to Use Them

I’d recommend applying Tarte’s Chrome Paint Shadow Pots with a wet brush for maximum pigmentation. They can also be applied with the fingertips for an intense colour.

The Shades

I adore the range of bright colours in this collection! There are 8 shades in total:

  • Park Ave Princess – Metallic bronze
  • Fire Dancer – Metallic burgundy
  • Martini – Metallic bronzed olive
  • Top Yacht – Metallic champagne
  • Steel the Show – Metallic steel navy
  • Beach Bae – Metallic copper
  • Sun Drenched – Metallic bronze champagne
  • Frose – Metallic rose gold

Tarte’s Chrome Paint Shadow Pots are a beautiful addition to your eyeshadow collection if you want a burst of pigmented glitter in your eyeshadow looks! I love the wear, pigmentation and longevity of these beautiful eyeshadow toppers. Each single shadow pot retails for $27 at Sephora.

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REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit

Hello, lovelies!

I own numerous Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and knew I wanted to add the Dream Glow Kit to my collection when it launched earlier this summer. The palette features six iridescent, beautiful highlighters that are reminiscent of fairy dust. I’ve been testing this palette throughout the season, and today I’ll share my review!

The Packaging 

The outside of the palette features a shiny silver cover that reflects a kaleidoscope of colour in the light. Like other glow kits from the brand, this one bears the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo and the word Dream in metallic lettering. It is lightweight and portable. Inside, the palette contains six large pans filled with the highlighter.

The Formula

I love the formula of the Dream Glow Kit! Each highlighter is buttery, pigmented, and smooth. Each highlighter contains a small amount of glitter, but it does not appear chunky or overly sparkly on the skin. On my skin, each highlighter has a slightly pink reflect.

The Shades 

The Dream Glow Kit contains six iridescent highlighters in a range of buttery finishes. The shades included are:

  • Etheral – Cool-toned lavender duo-chrome with a blue sparkle
  • Sunshine – Gold with a lavender shift
  • Unicorn – Pink sparkle with a lavender undertone
  • Wish – Pearly silver
  • Regal – Peach with a combination of blue, pink, and gold sparkle
  • Magic – Cool silver with a cluster of red, blue, and pink sparkle

How to use it

I adore the versatility of this glow kit! I wear it as eyeshadow, highlighter, and a lipstick topper. It can be applied to the skin wet or dry. Simply dip your brush into the highlighter pan and sweep it across the skin to achieve a metallic glow. I enjoy wearing the shades as highlight and eyeshadow.

If you’re looking for an iridescent, beautiful highlighter I’d recommend trying Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit! The highlighter retails for $59 at Sephora.

Tips and tricks

3 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Glow with Highlighter

Hello, lovelies!

Highlighter is a perfect product to add a fresh, glowing finish to your skin. I love applying it in the summertime to enhance my tan. Here are three ways to achieve a summer glow with your favourite highlighter.

1. Apply your highlighter with the right tools

Highlight formulas are typically cream-based, powder-based or liquid. Each formula should be applied with a different tool to achieve a luminous finish. If you’re using a cream formula, it is best to warm the product with your fingertips then apply. Powder formulas apply smoothly with a fluffy or fan brush. If you have a liquid formula, press it into the skin with a damp beauty blender.

2. Apply your highlight strategically

Dab highlighter to your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bone to achieve a highlight that will catch the light. If you don’t have your favourite highlight on hand, a dab of coconut oil applied to those places will do the trick!

3. Use powder to counteract too much shine 

Getting glitter-happy with your favourite highlighter happens to all of us. To tone-down an abundance of highlighter, dust contour powder over your highlighter for a subtle glow. Alternatively, you can also dust a dry brush across the skin after applying highlighter.

What are your favourite tips to achieve a summer glow? 

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REVIEW: MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream

Hello, lovelies!

I recently received a sample of M.A.C. Cosmetics Strobe Cream with my MAC Haul. I was excited to try a liquid moisturizer that adds luminosity to the skin. I have used this product as a liquid highlighter, and would compare it to the formula of other liquid highlighters I’ve tried!

The Packaging

This product comes in a pearl-coloured tube with a black top. The outside of the tube features the M.A.C. logo. I like that is lightweight and travel-friendly. The packaging colour is reminiscent of the cream contained inside it.

The Product

The cream has a holographic sheen, but it is not glittery. I’ve noticed that the shade ‘Silverlite’ has a slight purple undertone to it, and reflects as a pearly-purple shade when applied to the skin. The cream feels soft and dewy, and it is surprisingly moisturizing when applied. I like that the cream doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and the sheen stays vibrant throughout the day.

I own the shade Silverlite. M.A.C. Strobe Cream is available in four shades:

Silverlite – Silver pearls

Goldlite – Gold pearls

Peachlite – Peachy pearls

Redlite – Red pearls

How to use it

I adore the versatility of this cream! It can be applied directly to the skin, or mixed with foundation to intensify your skin’s glow. I’ve tried applying it with both a brush and my fingertips, and it applies better with my fingertips.

MAC Strobe Cream is a perfect product to add a subtle shine or highlight to any makeup look! It retails for $40 from MAC Cosmetics official website.

About Me

Erin Angela’s Updated Makeup Routine for Spring and Summer

Hello, lovelies!

I like to update my makeup routine each season. I’m a little late transitioning into my spring makeup, but I’ve begun wearing softer colours and wearing more lightweight products. Today I’m sharing my updated makeup routine for the spring and summer seasons!


I prepped my face with Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer to create a smooth base for my makeup. I applied Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in the shade ‘Porcelain’ to add warmth to my skin. Next, I covered blemishes with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly (this concealer has been my go-to for the past few years!). I applied bronzer along my hairline, and underneath my cheekbones. The bronzer I used for this look was Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer in the shade ”Rich Amber’. For my blush, I dusted Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade ‘Party’ across my cheeks. I completed my face makeup by applying Aurora Glow Kit as highlighter. I mixed the shades ”Lyra’ and ‘Orion’ together to create a unique combination.


I love experimenting with bright, smoky, or glittery eyeshadow combinations. I kept my eyeshadow bright but subtle for this look using Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette. I started by blending the shades ‘Rustic’ and ‘Dusty Rose’ into my crease. I pressed ‘Sienna’ along my entire lid before adding a touch of glitter with the shade ‘Glistening’. I applied this shade to the inner half of my eyelid. I finished my eye makeup with Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara to add volume to my lashes.


I kept my lipstick soft and neutral. I applied the shade ‘Kiss’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude Matte Lipstick Set. This shade is a soft nude with a peachy undertone.

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REVIEW: Sephora Collection Ready to Roll Brush Set

Hello, lovelies!

I upgraded my brush set a few months ago and have absolutely loved my Sephora Collection Ready to Roll Brush Set. I searched for a set that contained every brush I needed, along with being portable and lightweight. When I tested this set out in store, I immediately knew that I found the perfect brushes. Each of the 10 brushes in this set are high-quality, durable, and apply makeup flawlessly.

The Packaging

The packaging is both sleek and travel-friendly. The brushes are held in a soft, pliable black leather roll that features a cross-hatch design. A small tassel closes the brush roll and it can be rolled loosely or tight. The ‘Sephora’ logo is embossed on the roll. My favourite aspect of the packaging is that there are spaces to fit all 10 brushes, plus any additional brushes you may have. When I first began using this set, the packaging had a strong leathery smell that faded after a few days.

The Brushes

The quality of the brushes is perfection. Each brush is soft, durable and easy to use. The grip on the brush handle is sturdy and the name of each brush is embossed on it. Each brush is dense but feels light on the skin.

This set contains 10 brushes:

A powder brush

A complexion brush

Angled blush brush

Fan brush

Highlight & contour brush

Eyeshadow brush

Fluffy smudge brush

Crease brush

Concealer brush

Angled liner brush

Each brush is ideal for applying and blending makeup. I use them daily in my makeup routine, and experience zero bristle fallout. I adore the portability, ease of use and easy cleaning of this brush set. If you are looking for a full-sized set to introduce into your makeup collection, Sephora Collection Ready to Roll Brush Set retails for $88 at Sephora.