REVIEW: Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick

Hello, lovelies!

I am consistently searching for new brands of liquid lipstick to test. I received samples of Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick and I was intrigued to find out how the brand’s first liquid lipstick formula stacked up to other formulas I adore. Dior’s liquid lipstick comes in a range of beautiful colours. The shades I received in the sampler drew me in.

The Packaging 

The full-sized lipsticks come in sleek, elegant packages. The lipstick container is matte black with a transparent panel that reveals the colour within. I enjoy the square, blunt shape of the lipstick container because it is sturdy. This lipstick features a doe-foot applicator to precisely line the lips.

The Formula 

Dior’s liquid lipstick comes in three different finishes: Matte, metallic, and satin. I’ve tried both the matte and satin finishes. Both lipstick formulas are smooth, non-drying, and transfer-resistant. The formula is highly-pigmented. Once applied to the lips, the colour dries down completely and is lightweight.

The Colours 

I’ve tried samples of four shades in the collection:

  • 999 – Matte red
  • Hectic – Matte deep purple
  • Fury – Matte rosewood
  • Fab – Satin oxblood-red

Each colour I’ve tested is pigmented and opaque. The matte shades lasted longer on my lips than the satin shade. There are 25 other shades in the collection:

  • Reckless – Matte orangey-beige
  • Crush – Matte hot pink
  • Impulsive – Matte coral pink
  • Shock – Matte magenta
  • Hypnotic – Matte dark pink
  • Chic – Matte beige
  • Savage – Matte raspberry-pink
  • Lively – Matte dusty pink
  • Jungle – Matte light brown
  • Mysterious – Matte brownish-pink
  • Dressed To – Matte reddish-brown
  • Black – Matte black
  • Delicate – Satin light brown
  • Frenetic – Satin raspberry pink
  • Impetious – Satin pink
  • Versatile – Satin strawberry-red
  • Miss – Satin pink-coral
  • Fab – Satin reddish-black with shimmer
  • Rock ‘n’ Metal – Metallic rusty red
  • Spicy – Metallic hot pink
  • Scandalous – Metallic brown
  • Poison Metal – Metallic red-plum
  • Hologram – Metallic silver
  • Vibrant – Metallic rose-gold

The Wear 

Both the satin and matte shades wear comfortably on the lips. Once I apply the shade to my lips, they wear for 4-5 hours without fading. One aspect I adore about these lipsticks is that I only require one swipe of the lipstick to achieve full-coverage. The colour doesn’t bleed on my lips, but it does transfer while eating or drinking.

These lipsticks are perfect if you are looking for a comfortable, long-wearing lipstick. The metallic finishes are beautiful and richly pigmented. Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick retails for $43 on Sephora’s website.


September 2019 Makeup and Skincare Empties

Hello, lovelies!

I wrote a makeup and skincare empties post on my blog earlier this summer. I decided to make it a regular series as I discover myself reaching pan on some of my beloved makeup products. For the month of September, I’m sharing three products that are now empties in my collection. If you’d like to see more posts like this on my blog, please let me know in the comments!


Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayon

I received a set of Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayons for Christmas last year. I loved the colour selection and creaminess of the lip crayons. This lip crayon has a unique formula –  it is a crayon that is designed to have the look, feel, and wearability of a liquid lipstick. The lip crayon dries down to a soft, hydrating finish that is semi-long wearing when it is applied over a lip liner. However, the formula did not last long enough for me to count it as one of my ‘must-have’ liquid lipsicks.

Repurchase? No


Garnier Sheet Masks 

I began introducing sheet masks into my skincare routine over the summer. The sheet mask collection from Garnier’s Skin Active line is a staple in my routine. Each sheet mask is quick and easy to use – in as little as 15 minutes, my skin becomes hydrated, soft, and smooth. Key ingredients in this mask include hyaluronic acid and half a bottle of serum to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. I have repurchased Garnier’s Sheet Masks since July and it will be a saviour for me as the winter season approaches.

Repurchase? Yes

Caudalie Vinosource Serum 

Caudalie’s Vinosource Serum is a staple in my skincare routine. I have dry, acne-prone skin and tend to gravitate toward products that have no fragrance, colour, or harsh ingredients. While searching for a serum to incorporate into my skincare routine – hello, dry skin! – a Sephora employee recommended Caudalie’s Vinosource Serum. I am halfway through my third bottle of the product and have not turned back! This lighweight serum hydrates my skin without the use of any colours, fragrances or harsh ingredients. I use it daily and my skin has become more hydrated, soft, and supple.

Repurchase? Yes 

REVIEW: Huda Beauty Lip Strobe

Hello, lovelies!

I adore Huda Beauty products. I regularly wear liquid lipsticks from the brand, but recently tried the Lip Strobe products. I’m not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but I do occasionally apply it on top of lipstick for a shiny, iridescent lip look. At first swipe, this metallic lip gloss stole my heart.

The Packaging

The packaging of each Lip Strobe is stunningly beautiful. The glosses feature a glossy black cap with a clear tube that displays the colour of each gloss. I adore the doe foot applicator of this gloss – it is slightly curved and tapered to allow for precise application.

The Wear

My favourite aspect of this gloss is that it is hydrating when applied. It does not feel sticky, clumped or drying once I apply it to my lips. It lasts for 1-2 hours on my lips without eating or drinking, but it will fade quicker than a liquid lipstick.

How to apply it

Swipe the gloss onto the lips 1-2 times until the desired level of coverage is achieved. The gloss can be worn alone, on top of lip liner or lipstick. My favourite ways to apply Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe is to wear it on top of lip liner for a shiny, voluminous look or on top of lipstick for a strobed effect.

The Shades

This collection of glosses features 12 shades:

  • Posh – A semi-sheer white gold
  • Enchanting – A semi-sheer prismatic white with pink reflect
  • Ritzy – A semi-sheer champagne with gold and pink shimmers
  • Snobby – A semi-sheer light pink with gold and pink pearls
  • Angelic – A light peach rose with gold reflect
  • Boujee – A full-coverage coral base with thin gold shimmers
  • Shameless – A chameleon sheer base with gold and pink pearls
  • Saucey – A full-coverage muted red ochre with gold and pink pearls
  • Foxy – A full-coverage copper
  • Mystical – A semi-sheer lilac with blue pearls
  • Fearless – A full-coverage purple with copper-gold reflect
  • Moody – A full-coverage violet with chromatic shimmer

Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe is a beautiful lip gloss that offers a versatile range of finishes from sheer to full-coverage. I love that each shade can easily coordinate with any eyeshadow look depending on the level of coverage you seek! Each Lip Strobe retails for $24 at Sephora.

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

Hello, lovelies!

I love wearing vibrant, bright lipstick colours. When I apply my lipstick in the morning, I use a few simple tips to keep it in place all day long. (Just a note about these tips: Despite how many I’ve tried, I have discovered that even my longest-wearing lipstick is not kiss-proof.)

1. Exfoliate your lips

Applying a lip scrub to your pout before lipstick prevents your lips from becoming dry. Use a gentle lip scrub to exfoliate the lips and create a smooth canvas for lip colour.

2. Prime your lips with foundation

If you do not have a lip liner, your favourite foundation is a great substitute for a lipstick base! Apply your foundation to the lips and let dry. The colour will diminish the natural pigment of your lips to create a neutral base for lipstick. Lipstick also tends to adhere to the lips better if it is swiped over a base product.

3. Set your lip colour with powder

Apply a translucent/pressed powder to your lips between lipstick coats to strengthen the base for your colour. A translucent/pressed powder will also help set any liner that you applied to the lips.

What are you best tips for long-lasting lipstick?

3 Lipstick Shades You Need in Your Summer Makeup Collection

Hello, lovelies!

I love testing new, bright lipstick shades in the summertime. The bright hues are fun, festive and add radiance to my complexion. I often gravitate toward red, pink, and orange shades during this time of the year, and can’t wait to share three shades that I love right now with you!

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink – “Romantic”

This matte liquid lipstick dries down to a slightly tacky finish, but when I mean that it lasts for 12 hours it truly lasts through eating, drinking, and even sleeping. My favourite shade from the line to wear is Romantic – a bright pink that is vibrant and pigmented.

Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick – “Obsessed” 

I bought a mini set of Pat McGrath Lipsticks and this shade was included. It is one of the most unique lipstick colours that I’ve ever worn. It is described as a bright orange red, but when applied to the lips the gorgeous hue pulls slightly warm as a bright red.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick – “Gazpacho”

I will forever adore red lipstick, especially those that are true red shades. The shade Gazpacho from Bite Beauty is a true blue-red. I love pairing this lipstick shade with both dark and bright eyeshadow shades. This shade always adds a hint of warmth to my skin and works well in winter or summer.

3 Tips to Easily Apply Red Lipstick

Hello, lovelies!

Red lipstick is a makeup chameleon. The shade is classic and can transform any modern, edgy, bright, or romantic makeup look. Despite the beauty of red lipstick, it can be a pain to apply thanks to feathering, smudging or streakiness. If you’re planning to rock a red lip this season, here are a few tips you need to know!

Powder the lips to prevent feathering 

This is a unique trick that I rely on when my lip liner is running low. To prevent feathering or bleeding lipstick, apply powder to the lips before applying lip colour. The powder gives the lipstick a base to adhere to which helps the colour stay in place.

Prep your lips first

Red lipstick adheres best to smooth and hydrated lips. Apply a lip scrub to exfoliate, then follow up with a balm to hydrate before selecting your favourite shade of red to ensure maximum colour payoff.

Apply a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade

Red lipstick is not forgiving when it comes to lines or mistakes. If your lipstick bleeds often, apply a lip liner to your pout to prevent lipstick from fading or emphasizing lines or texture.

What are your top tips for wearing red lipstick?

Inside Erin Angela’s 5 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Mornings

Hello, lovelies!

We all have mornings where there’s simply no time to complete a full makeup routine. On these types of mornings, I simplify my makeup routine. This simplified routine still feels polished, but takes less than five minutes to complete!


I apply moisturizer every morning, regardless of how rushed I may be. Moisturizer gives my skin a boost of hydration and brightens my complexion. The main moisturizer in my routine is GlamGlow’s WaterBurst Moisturizer – it is lightweight and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I complete my face makeup with a few swipes of concealer. The concealer I love right now is Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer.


A simple winged eyeliner does wonders to widen and brighten my eyes. I apply NYX Epic Ink Liner because it is waterproof and lasts all day. I then apply two coats of mascara to lengthen my lashes.


Lipstick is a staple in my daily makeup routine. On days when I am wearing minimal makeup, I apply a brightly coloured shade. Two shades that I wear regularly are Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sarafine, a gorgeous deep red; or Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in the shade Heroine, a bright orange-red.