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REVIEW: MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva 

Hello, lovelies!

When I walk into a MAC store, I’m a girl on a mission. I’ve had a specific lipstick colour in my mind for months, and have not located it at my local Sephora. I visited a MAC store during my recent Toronto trip. I found the colour within a few minutes of entering the store. This colour is Diva – a deep red-burgundy.

The Packaging 

This lipstick comes in MAC’s signature black box. The lipstick bullet is sleek, featuring a silver rim with the word MAC written in white lettering. I adore MAC product packaging – it is unique and sophisticated.

The Lipstick 

Upon opening the lipstick cap, I notice MAC’s classic vanilla scent. It is not heavy when applied to the lips. I own two Amplified finish lipsticks, but I prefer the matte finish. Diva is a matte finish. It is long-lasting and lightweight. This lipstick is long-wearing, but it removes with the swipe of a standard makeup remover.

The Colour 

This colour is beautiful. It is a warm-toned burgundy with a hint of maroon. It is versatile. I wear it with both a smoky eye or light makeup. In the photo below, I am wearing Diva with a nude lip liner:


I’ve worn this colour a few times, but it will receive heavy rotation into my makeup kit once the weather turns cool. The lipstick is highly pigmented. It lasts on my lips 5-6 hours when I apply it with liner.

MAC’s Diva lipstick retails for $21 from MAC’s official websiteWhich shade of MAC lipstick do you wear most often? 


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A Quick Guide To the 7 M.A.C. Lipstick Finishes

Hello, lovelies!

I bought my first MAC lipstick last summer, and haven’t looked back. When I travel somewhere with a MAC store, I select a new lipstick to add into my collection. Today I share a quick guide to each of the 7 lipstick finish MAC Cosmetics offers.

1. Cremesheen 

A cremesheen lipstick is smooth and creamy. This lipstick finish is not as pigmented as others. However, it is not the same as a sheer finish. A cremesheen lipstick has a short wear-time, but this finish is hydrating. A creamier lipstick is richer in texture. 

2. Matte 

I favor matte finishes. A matte lipstick can be tricky to work with at first, because this type of lipstick begins stiffly. This finish is highly pigmented. 

3. Satin 

A satin finish is opaque. Satin finishes are hydrating, and give the lips a delicate sheen. A satin finish is versatile. A pale satin lipstick or a richer satin lipstick is easy to wear day or night, 

4. Amplified

Amplified lipsticks are a creme finish. An amplified finish offers an intense pigment without the drying effect of matte lipsticks. This formula is slightly creamier than a satin finish. 

5. Glaze

This formula is lightly pigmented. A glaze lipstick offers a hint of colour with a glossy finish. This finish is similar to a lipgloss. 

6. Frost

A frost finish is a mix of shimmer and gloss. It is not long-wearing, but it is creamy. The high shimmer in this lipstick gives it a “frosty” appearance. 

7. Lustre 

This lipstick finish is creamy but not long-wearing. Pigmentation in a lustre lipstick is limited. A lustre lipstick is sheer and glossy. 

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A Definitive Guide to Different Lipstick Finishes 

Hello, lovelies! 

I rotate my lipstick colours with the seasons, but this also coincides with the lipstick finish. In the winter, I favour matte finishes. I reach for creme or shimmer finishes in the summer months. Today I’m offering a guide to the various lipstick finishes available!

The four main lipstick finishes are:

  • Matte
  • Creme
  • Frost
  • Sheer

1. Matte 

Matte finish lipsticks deliver full-coverage colour. There is no shine in these lipsticks, and they appear drier in texture. Matte lipstick formulas are long-lasting, and smudge resistant. 

2. Creme 

Creme lipsticks deliver more moisture, and do not dry down completely. Because of the moisture, they glide on the lips easier than a matte lipstick. 

3. Frost 

A frost finish is pigmented, metallic and shiny. The lipsick is shimmery in the bullet and on the lips, providing a frost-like finish.

4. Sheer

A sheer and shimmer finish are the same. This lipstick finish leaves the lips glossy and shiny. Sheer finish lipsticks have a high oil content, and appear darker in the tube than on the lips. 

What is your favourite lipstick finish?

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REVIEW: MAC Zoom Lash Mascara 

Hello, lovelies!

When feeling adventurous I deviate from my typical colour choices. The same goes for mascara. I often swipe a coat or two of black mascara on my lashes. In November, I began searching for a coloured mascara. I recieved MAC Zoomlash Mascara for Christmas. I loved that the mascara is actually purple.

The Packaging 

The mascara comes in a purple tube. This colour is reflective of the mascara colour. Attached to the top part of the tube is a wand applicator. The curved bristles allow the product to spread among each lash.

The Colour

This shade is called Plum Reserve. It is a bright, vibrant purple. It adds subtle tint to the lashes without the colour overpowering the natural lash colour.

MAC Zoomlash Mascara comes in 6 shades:

  • Beets Me – Brown
  • Plum Reserve – Plum
  • Green is Green – Emerald
  • High Esteem – Blackened-grey
  • Blue Charge – Blue
  • Zoom Black – Black

The mascara curls my lashes and lengthens. I enjoy the ergonomic ease of use. The packaging is lightweight and sturdy.

MAC Zoomlash Mascara retails for $21 from MAC’s official website. A smaller size of the mascara, from the company’s Little MAC Collection, retails for $12.

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REVIEW: MAC Gleamtones Powder 

Hello, lovelies! Today I’m reviewing MAC Gleamtones Powder. 

I recieved this as a Christmas present. I love all things MAC, and was excited to test out this powder. MAC Gleamtones is part of the company’s Vibe Tribe line. I’m excited to add this to my winter makeup routine to brighten and highlight my skin.
What is it?

The Gleamtones Powder is a combination of bronzer and highlight. The compact features a colour block of four shades.

The Packaging

MAC Gleamtones Powder is cased in a tan-coloured compact. On the compact is a spiked, colourful design. The compact is lightweight and durable. Each shade blends into the other in a geometric design.

The Shades

The compact features a colour block of four shades:

  • Coral
  • Champagne
  • Tangerine
  • Bronze

Below is a swatch of each shade. I primed my skin before applying to enhance the colours.

I apply the powder to my cheeks and the high points of my face. This achieves a soft, subtle highlight.

MAC Vibe Tribe Gleamtones Powder offers the perfect highlight and glow. The smooth formula applies softly to the skin, with little fallout. The powder retails for $38 from M.A.C’s official website and retail locations.

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5 Festive Lipsticks


At the beginning of December my lipstick choices change to suit the holiday season. I favor bold reds, subtle nudes, and wines. I decided to sort through my collection to share the top five lipstick shades.

1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira 

A deep reddish burgundy compliments any outfit. I searched for this specific shade of red, and found it in Vampira. This is the darkest shade of red I own. I’m interested to pair it with my typical glittery, gold holiday eye makeup. (I’ll test this in the meantime!) Liquid lipsticks are a mainstay in my makeup bag. I adore the longevity of the formula, and count on it to last me through holiday parties.

2. M.A.C. Lipstick – By Special Order 

I add one pink lipstick to my holiday makeup each year. A reddish-pink shade balances out the darker reds and wines. By Special Order is a deep reddened fuchsia. The subtle pink undertones add a pop of bright colour to the accessories I wear during the season. (Tons of glitter and gold!)

3. Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B

This is a surprise addition to my list. Queen B is a mauve shade, so you may be curious about why I include it. The colour is soft but still stands out. I often wear this lipstick with my Naked Smoky or Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palettes. The shade pairs well with the palettes. I reach for these palettes most often into the holiday season.

4. TARTE Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Manbun

MANBUN s a dark berry. The shade is perfect to achieve a deep berry, almost brown lipstick look. It appeared darker on me the first time I wore it, but I soon began to warm up to the shade. (Stay tuned for a complete review!)

5. Sephora Collection Rouge Creme Lipstick in R02

This shade is my go-to red lip. I wear it often during the holiday season.  Deep red tones make it ideal to create a darkened, wine-coloured red. A bonus aspect of this lipstick is the creme finish – it doesn’t dry my lips, but stays in place for hours!

Below is a photo of each shade. From top to bottom: Vampira, By Special Order, Queen B, Manbun and RO2.

Have you tried any of these shades? What is your go-to holiday lipstick colour?



Lipstick Love: My Top 3 Favourites

Lipstick is my vice. At last check, my makeup bag contained 12 tubes. I rotate the shades I use depending upon the season, but there are three I use the most.

1. Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in “Bad Blood”

Urban Decay’s Matte Revolution is a deep red with a matte finish. Urban Decay replaced this line of lipstick with the Vice lipsticks. The Matte Revolution lipstick remains one of my favourites. The shade is a creamy formula, but it is not lightweight. I use this shade as my go-to red lip.

2. M.A.C. “Impassioned”

MAC Impassioned is a bright, summery colour. This pink shade adds colour to any outfit. I favour brighter pink shades. The formula is soft and comfortable on my lips.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in “Dolce”

For the upcoming Fall season, I wish to wear subtle nude shades. This lipstick fits into that category, featuring a peach-nude hue. It provides a base for a smoky eye, or berry-tones from the Modern Renaissance palette.

Reader question: What lipsticks are your favourites?