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REVIEW: Chloe Nomade Perfume

Hello, lovelies!

I received a sample of Chloe’s Nomade Perfume while placing my latest Sephora order. I don’t buy new perfumes often, but this perfume is one of the best that I’ve sampled recently! The warm floral notes of the fragrance are soft and pleasant.

The Packaging 

Chloe’s Nomade Perfume comes in an elegant rounded bottle that is reminiscent of a hexagon shape. It features a golden cap that glistens when it catches the light. The transparent bottle is made of glass and the light rose-gold colour of the perfume is visible.

The Scent

This perfume bursts with soft scents of freesia and plum. It has a slightly musky undertone when it dries down, but smells sweet when initially applied. The scent is reminiscent of a bouquet of fresh flowers but I can detect a hint of cinnamon in the fragrance. This combination blends together well.

The Wear 

When this perfume dries onto the skin, it stays vibrant and scented for 3-4 hours. The scent does not last for an entire day, but that is typical of most fragrances. One aspect of the perfume that I adore is the wearability – it is soft enough to wear everyday.

Chloe’s Nomad Perfume is a beautiful fragrance to wear everyday or for special occasions. It is soft, bright, and floral. If you’re looking for a perfume that combines sweet and spiced, I’d recommend this one! Chloe’s Nomad Perfume retails for $154 at Sephora. Smaller bottles of perfume are available, priced at $86 or $122.

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REVIEW: Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Perfume

Hello, lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: I received samples of Kat Von D Saint and Sinner fragrances from Influenster for testing purposes. 

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I adore Kat Von D products. I own multiple products from her collection, including the Tattoo Liner, Lock-It Foundation, and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. When Influenster reached out to me to test Kat’s new Saint & Sinner perfume I gladly accepted.

The Packaging 

Both perfumes are uniquely packaged. The outer boxes containing the perfume contain a swirling, gothic design with the Kat Von D logo written on the front. The Saint perfume comes in a white box, with the word Saint written in gothic, white script. The Sinner perfume comes in a black box with the word Sinner written in the same script. This design is edgy, yet chic.

Each perfume bottle is elegant and classic. The bottle tops are rounded and ribbed. Both bottles carry the same colour palette as the outer packaging.

The Scents 

I will breakdown both scents separately for the purposes of this review:


This scent is my favourite of the two. It is floral with hints of musk. The scent profile contains jasmine with hints of vanilla, sandalwood and caramel. Saint smells caramel-sweet when first applied to the skin, then dries down to a soft, bright vanilla.


Sinner is noticeably muskier than it’s sister scent. The scent profile is reminiscent of pungent spice. Key fragrance notes in this perfume include wood and cinnamon. Sinner smells lemony with hints of spice when first applied to the skin. It dries down to a musky-cinnamon.

How I Use It 

Because each bottle is sample-sized, it does not contain a sprayer component. I gently pour the fragrance onto my neck, behind my ears, and onto each wrist. Each scent lasts for 3-4 hours after initial application.

Each scent retails from Sephora or The full-sized bottle (3.4 oz/100mL) retails for $115, while the smaller bottle (1.7 oz/50mL) costs $88. This perfume is also available in a roller-ball format for $30.

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REVIEW: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

Hello, lovelies!

I search for a new fragrance every few months and vary the scents I wear based on the season. I found Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume at Sephora. Upon testing the fragrance, it reminded me of spring. Viktor & Rolf are an Amsterdam-based design team. Flowerbomb is their debut fragrance.

The Packaging 

The glass bottle containing the perfume is octagon-shaped. Inside the bottle is the pale pink perfume – the colour of a peony. The geometric pattern on the bottle is fun and unique. Like other perfume bottles, this one contains a spray nozzle.

The Scent 

Flowerbomb is a delightful combination of floral notes.  I sense hints of jasmine, freesia, and rose. The scent is mildly floral, but not overpowering. The fragrance begins with hints of rose and citrus. It dries down to a sweet vanilla scent with light jasmine notes. I often avoid flower-scented perfumes. This one, however, is mild for my liking.

The perfume is long-lasting. It reveals different fragrance notes as it dries down. I enjoy the scent. Floral perfumes are often cloying and overpowering. This one is the opposite –  light and mild.

This fragrance is is just one of the company’s perfume sets. Other perfumes available in Viktor & Rolf’s collection include the Bonbon Collection and the Spice Collection. Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Perfume retails at Sephora for $195.

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Beauty Hacks: 5 Other Uses for Coffee (That Don’t Involve Drinking a Cup of It!)

Hello, lovelies!

As it turns out, coffee has multiple uses. Your daily cup of java is great for drinking, but coffee is also a beauty product. Today I share five other uses for your favourite blend. You can try these tips while drinking a cup, but it’s not required.
1. Exfoliation
The grainy texture of coffee grinds make them a great exfoliator. There are coffee scrubs that you can buy. Simple ingredients in your kitchen pantry make an exfoliator. Combine a small bowl of coffee grinds with water or oil to form a paste. Rub the mixture into your skin as you normally would an exfoliator, then rinse.
2. Skin bronzer
The natural colour of coffee makes it a convenient skin bronzer. You can create your own bronzer lotion by combining coffee grounds and olive oil. Measure two parts olive oil into one part coffee grounds. If you wish to deepen the colour, add another part coffee.
3. Hair mask
A hair mask adds shine and lustre to your locks. This trick involves pouring cooled coffee on your hair while in the shower. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.
4. Perfume testing aid
This is useful when testing different perfume scents. Sniff coffee grounds to clear your nose between each scent. This prevents the scents from merging together. It leads to a clearer, more defined scent.
5. Treat under eye puffiness
anything from allergies to lack of sleep may cause under eye puffiness. Apply chilled coffee grounds to your under eye area, let it sit for approximately 10 minutes, and rinse. Caffeine contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduces under eye swelling/puffiness.



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REVIEW: Clean Reserve Perfume

Using fragrance is one of the most personal ways to prepare for a day or night out. Fragrance is adaptable to suite your outfit, personality, or mood. I received a sample of this perfume with a Sephora sale, and it instantly became a favourite of mine. This prompted me to buy the full-sized bottle. The fragrance, called Sueded Oud, is part of the Clean Reserve line of perfumes.

The Packaging 

The perfume packaging is simple, but beautiful. Both the sample-sized and full-sized bottles of this perfume are simple, clean, and crisp. The fragrance bottle is embossed with the word “Clean”. The packaging features a white background with clear lettering.

The Scent

Sueded Oud is a woody scent, with subtle floral notes. Core scent notes include: incense, honeysuckle. Scent notes from various trees, including birchwood and fir balsam, are present. The scent is crisp and bright, but contains a faintly musky scent.

The Perfume

The perfume itself dries in an instant.  The scent does not fade throughout the day. The intensity of the scent decreases with extended wear. Clean Reserve makes their perfumes  with raw, sustainable ingredients. The glass bottles contain 100% recycled materials.

This perfume was different from what I typically buy. I enjoy the sophistication of the scent. It was a perfect addition to my perfume collection, to contrast with the rosy, flowery perfumes I own.

Sueded Oud retails at Sephora for $125. The perfume bottle contains 3.4 oz of liquid. Clean Reserve offers a collection of 9 perfumes; in both travel-sized capsules and full-sized bottles.