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A Taste of Home: 3 Key Destinations for Foodies in St. John’s 

Hello, lovelies!

Today I thought I’d switch up my blog post and feature some local favourites. I rarely mention my hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a small Canadian province in the middle of the Atlantic. (which happens to be a small Canadian province in the middle of the Atlantic). The warm, sunny weather this weekend inspired me. Today I share my favourite destinations for foodies living in, and visiting, St. John’s.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

I adore chocolate. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company, founded in 2009, combines delicious chocolate with local flavours. Chocolates are filled with wildberries, seasalt caramel, almonds, and other ingredients. The fresh, handmade chocolates is my chocolate-loving dream. The company crafts a delicious Gelato using many of the same flavours found in their single chocolates. Gelato flavours include vanilla bean, sea salt caramel, and partridgeberry. You’ll find the Newfoundland Chocolate Company in two prime downtown locations – Duckworth Street and Signal Hill.

Bagel Cafe

I frequent Bagel Cafe. The cozy atmosphere offers a slate for hearty breakfast options. I favor the crisp, fluffy Belgain waffles loaded with summer berries. The cafe is located in the heart of the downtown core. It is sandwiched between colourful buildings and ocean views.


Though Starbucks is not local to St. John’s, I placed it on my list. Most of the coffee I drink is bought from one of the Starbucks locations in the city. I enjoy the bright, flavourful blends of the company’s iced coffee, iced tea, and other specialty beverages.

What part of the world are you from? What is your favourite local food destination? Let me know in the comments below! 


Summer 2016 Recap


This summer, I kept busy with travel and writing.


I tend not to travel often. This summer, I took trips to both Florida and Montreal. While in Florida in early June, I spent time relaxing and shopping. This had been my third trip to Orlando, but was the most relaxing one to date. Taking a week to soak up the sun, shop some of my favourite retail outlets, and dine kept me eased. While the purpose of my Montreal trip  was for medical reasons, I still snuck in shopping and dining.


I began this blog on a whim, never expecting it to grow as it has. As a teenager, I wrote in my spare time. Since beginning university, I have not had much opportunity to write for leisure. This blog continues to be an effective outlet for my creativity.


I kept busy with leisure activities. I spent most of my days swimming, shopping, and relaxing. I decorated for weddings during a handful of weekends.

A question for my readers: How have you spent the summer? 

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Travel Essentials




Summer is a popular time to travel. I returned from Florida last month, and am heading to Montreal in two weeks! When traveling, there are certain items I always like to bring along. In today’s post, I’m sharing a peek at some of my travel essentials.

Kate Spade purse

This purse has become my go-to when traveling. The size is perfect for holding items, like my passport, and a book. It keeps everything in one place, and keeps my hands free. This purse is also ideal for shopping!


Makeup bag essentials

I like to keep my makeup bag as light as possible when travelling. I narrow my lipstick collection to three tubes – a red, a pink, and a burgundy. For my skin, I include concealer and foundation. I travel with my Naked II palette, as the case is less-prone to potential breaks than the Naked Smoky. Eyeliner and mascara are must-haves also.

As mentioned in my tips and tricks for clear skin post, I use Noxema anti-blemish pads to control blemishes. The container of pads is compact to travel with. I keep makeup wipes in my carry-on bag, and makeup bag, to remove any dirt and oil from my skin. These wipes are ideal after a long day of travelling.


Other crucial items in my carry-on include my cell phone, a notebook (or two!) and a neck-pillow for use during flights.

Will you be travelling anywhere this summer? Feel free to leave a comment!